Twinings Lady Grey

Twinings Lady Grey

Twinings Lady Grey tea, a variation on Earl Grey, is a less common variety than their bestselling lines, but is available in major supermarkets and is worth seeking out. While I loathe Twinings Earl Grey (it really is mass market rubbish), the Twinings Lady Grey is a very pleasant drink indeed.

Lady Grey is a black tea scented with oil of bergamot, lemon peel and orange peel, named after the wife of the more famous Earl Grey, Mary Elizabeth Grey. Whilst researching the name of Lady Grey, I have come across a fact I did not know – Lady Grey is a registered trademark of Twinings. Come to think of it, I have only seen the Twinings variety of the tea. The Twinings variety of Lady Grey also includes cornflower, often seen in Earl Grey Blue Flower teas.

Twinings Lady Grey should be served hot, the tea bag left to steep for a few minutes and then it can be served with milk, lemon or nothing. You can also add sugar or sweetener if you prefer; I usually add a very small amount of sweetener as I find that the tea does not need much sweetening.

The taste has hints of Earl Grey to it; that’ll be the bergamot, which flavours Earl Grey. It is however a more subtle fragrance than Earl Grey in general, and infinitely more so than Twinings Earl Grey which is overpowering. In addition to the bergamot, the citrus flavours are easily discernible, but again subtle: before tasting I was unsure about what a citrus flavoured tea would be like, but it is very nice, and not overpowering. While you know it is citrus, it’s not like drinking orange juice or eating lemon cheesecake. The overall taste of the Lady Grey is interestingly different, but very subtle. No element of the taste is overwhelming, and it is a nicely balanced drink. The mixture of bergamot, citrus and cornflower combine to make  very individual tea, with a noticeable but not strong flavour.

I enjoy drinking Twinings Lady Grey all through the day, but particularly in the morning as I find it refreshing and a good way to start the day. I also find it is more of a summer tea: in winter months all I really want is a big mug of strong sweet tea, and Lady Grey just isn’t right for that.

Twinings Lady Grey is highly recommended, and would be a good starting point for those who are nervous about flavoured teas due to its gentle flavour.