Pg Tips Tea

Pg Tips Tea

PG Tips is one of the market leaders in the UK for tea, although it is not as large as Tetley it is still a popular brand. Although I more often than not drink flavoured teas such as Earl Grey, when it comes to a good old fashioned cuppa, PG Tips is my tea of choice.

PG Tips is a blended tea, made from a number of single estate teas from around the world, and is available in loose tea and teabags. The “Tips” part of the name refers to how only the tips of the tea plants are used in the blend.

The most common variation of PG Tips is their Pyramid Tea Bag. This pyramid shaped teabag allegedly gives a better cup of tea, as the tea leaves can move about more easily than in a traditional shaped tea bag. While I’m not convinced by this, I do find that the pyramid bag is easier to squeeze and remove from your cup than a regular tea bag.

How you make your cup of PG Tips is down to personal choice. For a weak cup you can remove the tea bag quickly, or you can leave it for a while for a stronger cup of tea. You can add milk, sugar or sweetener to your taste. Personally, I usually have a medium strength cup of tea, with milk and sweetener. In winter, if I’m tired, cold or feeling a bit under the weather, I’ll swap the sweetener for sugar as I think it gives a more satisfying cuppa.

The taste of PG Tips is just right for a nice normal cup of tea. It has a smooth taste, with no nasty aftertaste or bitterness while still being strong enough to have a good flavour to it. Whether this is down to the blend of single estate teas, the use of the tips only, or even the pyramid shaped bag, I have no idea, but whatever PG Tips are doing, they’ve got it spot on.

In addition to making the ideal cup of tea, PG Tips is a reasonably good value option. Although Tetley and shop own brands tend to be priced a little below it, I would choose PG Tips over them as, while they make a good cuppa, PG Tips has the edge.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to a cup of tea, but for an all round good cuppa, try PG Tips.