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Tips for Hosting a Tea Party

In the United Kingdom, tea is a drink, a snack, and a meal. Tea parties are a wonderful way to entertain and suitable for many gatherings. Little girls, and older girls, who are bored with, or think themselves too old for, the traditional children’s birthday party would enjoy the dainty feminine elegance of afternoon tea

Beer Reviews Spire Sgt Pepper Stout

It is really nice to be involved with promoting and supporting a local business as it is just setting up. Earlier on this year we became involved with a couple of ex-schoolteachers who were hoping to set up a brewery near to Chesterfield. Since then we have been in regular contact with them and have

Beer Reviews Thornbridge Kipling

We were fortunate enough to be involved in a beer tasting at one of our excellent new local micro-breweries a couple of weeks ago. Over two evenings we sampled the full range of regular beers produced by Thornbridge Hall Brewery. This gave us a chance to fully appreciate the flavours of the beers. We had

Beer Reviews Spring Heat Spiced Wheat

Absolutely The Worst Tasting Beer I Ever Had! My husband brings home some new seasonal beer time to time. Last week he picked up six pack of this brew. It is called a Limited Edition for the spring and brewed by Anheuser-Busch and called BELGIAN STYLE WHEAT ALE. Well, I don’t know about the Belgians

Review of Brekle Brown Ale from Anchor Brewing

The next time you stand in the beer aisle of your local store, take a moment to consider something. Most of the beer styles in front of you have decades of history behind them. Many have more than a century of brewing tradition. Some of the beer on those shelves however, have a much shorter

Beer Reviews York Yorkshire Terrier

During my recent trip to York we thought it would be a good idea to sample beers from the local brewery. This is quite easy really because York Brewery have three tied houses in the city and their beers are also available in the bar at the brewery itself. So, armed with our map of

Beer Reviews Guinness Draught

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Every Day- With Guinness Draught When asked to name a favorite classic Irish beer, many drinkers are sure to answer “Guinness” without missing a beat. Guinness, sometimes known as Guinness Stout has grown in popularity over the years and now remains if not the very best, very likely one of the

Fullers Esb Review

Bitter ale is one of the most popular beer styles in all of England. Walk into any pub in the country and ask for a pint of bitter and you’ll find at least one choice waiting for you on tap. In fact, most breweries in England make at least one bitter. It’s interesting to note

Beer Reviews Bradfield Farmers Blonde

– As the weather appears to be getting a little bit brighter, and the nights are getting a little lighter, my thoughts are turning towards the light side! That is the light side of beer by the wayrather than the dark winter warmers. When we were planning beers for our recent beer festival we were

Beer Review Stella Artois

Summer’s the time for picnics and BBQ’s, isn’t it? Of course it is. So time to peel a few haggis’s, baste those neeps in virgin olive oil, deep fry a couple of mars bars and pop open the Stella Artois.Now why in the heck would the good folks in frozen Caledonia – land of the