Ideas for Tea Parties

Ideas for Tea Parties

Many people think of tea parties as typical female endeavours which involve some serious gossiping. Other associations might include the queen and cucumber sandwiches. 

Tea parties do not need to be boring traditional affairs associated with older woman who have nothing else to do. 

A tea party can be very exciting and the men can join in as well. It should however stay true to its name and the guys will have to be happy with typical tea party beverages. If you want to serve something stronger at a tea party, some sparkling wine mixed with juice might be fine, but don’t turn it into a drinking party or it will loose it’s exclusivity as a tea party.

If the tea party is for woman only, a themed tea party can be a good idea. Men are usually not as excited to dress up as women are, unless you want something such as football stars or vampires as your theme.

The themes can be light and fun-filled with ideas taken from fairy tales, poems or even just a specific colour.   At a fairy tale tea party the eats can include iced cakes in the theme colour, special handmade chocolates fitting the theme or even sandwiches with interesting fillings in the desired colour. The tea doesn’t have to be just normal everyday tea. There are many different brands of tea which range from the more exclusive brands such as Earl Grey to flavoured herbal teas. It is good to have a variety available to allow guests to choose their favourite tea. This type of tea party can be ideal for a ladies get together or even for young teenage girls.

If you plan to invite some men to your tea party you can consider a more rustic affair in the form of a picnic tea.  Instead of serving hot beverages you can serve different flavours iced tea. This will also be more convenient if you are going to do this in a park or at a picnic spot where hot water might not be available. You can take different cuts of fruit such as strawberries, cherries or peach slices to mix in the pitcher with the iced tea. Instead of sweet treats you can rather have some savoury eats such as small pizzas or sausage rolls. Make sure there is enough to eat as one or two pieces per person might be enough for women but definitely not for men. Guys quickly get bored with chit-chat so it might be a good idea to take some games with you to keep them busy. If there are children at the tea party it would be an ideal way to keep them busy as well, which will give you and your friends enough time to have your chit-chats.

Tea parties can be exciting and if you let your mind go you can come up with a variety of ideas that will be far more exciting than the well-known traditional tea party.