Beer Reviews Spring Heat Spiced Wheat

Beer Reviews Spring Heat Spiced Wheat

Absolutely The Worst Tasting Beer I Ever Had!

My husband brings home some new seasonal beer time to time. Last week he picked up six pack of this brew. It is called a Limited Edition for the spring and brewed by Anheuser-Busch and called BELGIAN STYLE WHEAT ALE.

Well, I don’t know about the Belgians but to me this beer was the worst experience for a long time!

I like light brews and ales and lagers more than the real dark thick staff but this beer did not fall in the likable category at all!

First taste is bitter. My husband gives me a look and says, try more, you gotta get use to the taste. So I do take another sip. I’m still not getting used to it. Frankly more I drink more I dislike it. Bitter with spicy aftertaste, almost like flat beer mixed with orange peels and spice.

To be a good sport after the fact that my husband spent $7.49 plus tax for the six pack I do go on and pick another bottle. This time I pour it into a glass, maybe it will taste better from a glass? To me even the look is unappealing. The bottle states that it has natural cloudiness on the brew. My husband says it looks like something I don’t want to repeat. I kind of agree..

The color is this light yellowish wheaty type with not much of a head. It smells little orangy with some spice attached I cannot identify. Maybe it is from the Cascade and Willamette hops and the coriander?

I get some pretzels and dutifully gulp the brew down but by now my stomach is doing little flips from the smell and taste combination so I refuse to drink my third bottle. We agree not to buy this particular beer ever again!

I must admit that this is NOTHING like my other light favorite Corona which I do like with the lime. This lime-lemon-orange peel flavored mess spiced with coriander and wheat malts and some hops is an absolute disaster for my taste buds. I think I’ll stay away from their next seasonal brew which has something to do with blonds and summer. I might be too much of a brunette to go for it…

Pros: Attractive label and name.
Cons: Tastes just horrible!

The Bottom Line: To me this was a disaster, if you are into an adventure and different unbeerlike taste, who knows, you might like it!

Recommended: No

Beer Name: Spring Heat Spiced Wheat Ale
Price per six-pack ($US): 7.49
Beer Rating: Don”t bother