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Warm Winter Soups for the Slow Cooker

Ah wintertime, the days are shorter and the temperature drops outside. After long days in and out of the snow, ice and frigid air, most people can agree that sitting down to a nice steaming bowl of soup is almost heavenly. One of the easiest and stress free ways of guaranteeing yourself a hot bowl

Review of Brekle Brown Ale from Anchor Brewing

The next time you stand in the beer aisle of your local store, take a moment to consider something. Most of the beer styles in front of you have decades of history behind them. Many have more than a century of brewing tradition. Some of the beer on those shelves however, have a much shorter

Beer Reviews Gorlovka Imperial Stout

The reason I came to be sampling the beer I am reviewing is actually down to my husband and a friend of ours. They were having a drink in one of the Wetherspoons pubs in Sheffield late last year and came across a beer from Acorn Brewery called Gorlovka. They couldn’t read the strength on