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Tonsil Stones Cures Remedies Metro

Tonsil stones that are healing is the only way out of eliminating tonsil rock problems. Curing may also lead to eliminating the bad breath or halitosis that goes along with these stones. There are lots of remedies and some are much more powerful compared to others and more powerful. Based in the kind of stones

The Difference between Chinese Green Teas and Japanese Green Teas

Green tea has become known as the most healthy tea to drink. There are so many health benefits from this tea like weight loss and skin care. There are many different green teas. These are classified by where they are harvested and what part of the plant is used. The main tea plant is called

Pg Tips Tea

PG Tips is one of the market leaders in the UK for tea, although it is not as large as Tetley it is still a popular brand. Although I more often than not drink flavoured teas such as Earl Grey, when it comes to a good old fashioned cuppa, PG Tips is my tea of

Difference between Black Green and White Tea

The history of tea dates back thousands of years. Tea is even said to be the oldest plant in cultivation. It may be a surprising fact to learn that black, green and white teas all come from a common evergreen shrub native to Asia called the camellia sinensis. In the wild, the camellia sinensis plant

How to Make Dandelion Tea

Believe it or not the dandelion, a common yard and roadside weed, has many great health benefits. Many people eat dandelion greens in spring in order to purify the blood. Dandelion tea is also said to have some great health benefits such as improving liver function, removing gallstones and reducing inflammation in various parts of

Twinings Lady Grey

Twinings Lady Grey tea, a variation on Earl Grey, is a less common variety than their bestselling lines, but is available in major supermarkets and is worth seeking out. While I loathe Twinings Earl Grey (it really is mass market rubbish), the Twinings Lady Grey is a very pleasant drink indeed. Lady Grey is a

Ideas for Tea Parties

Many people think of tea parties as typical female endeavours which involve some serious gossiping. Other associations might include the queen and cucumber sandwiches.  Tea parties do not need to be boring traditional affairs associated with older woman who have nothing else to do.  A tea party can be very exciting and the men can join

How to Make Moroccan Mint Tea

Green tea or “atay” as it is called in Morocco, comes in many different varieties. All are Chinese gun powder.  The tea is said to be called gun powder because the tea leaves are dried and individually rolled pellets resembling gun powder.  Depending on the variety, the strength of the tea leaves vary.  Drinking tea in

Warm Winter Soups for the Slow Cooker

Ah wintertime, the days are shorter and the temperature drops outside. After long days in and out of the snow, ice and frigid air, most people can agree that sitting down to a nice steaming bowl of soup is almost heavenly. One of the easiest and stress free ways of guaranteeing yourself a hot bowl

Beer Reviews Bradfield Farmers Stout

A short while ago I reviewed one of my favourite beers from Peak Ales; one of my local breweries. In this Farmers Blonde review I also mentioned another one of their beers, so I thought that I should give it the full tange treatment and review it thoroughly. This excellent beer is Bradfield Farmers Stout.